Sapporo Convention Center

Management support

Attracting conventions

Together, we will promote the appeal of “Convention City Sapporo,” combining colorful nature and cosmopolitan urban functions.

Leveraging our wealth of experience and know-how, we provide strong support for those who are considering attracting a convention.
We can provide you with right support for all manner of conventions, large or small, including international congresses, academic meetings, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, ceremonies, and events.
From the preparation of plans and proposals to after-convention recommendations, we offer convention consulting services tailored to your plans and requirements.
In particular, we can help you promote Sapporo’s natural, urban, and gastronomic attractions, as well as the advantages of the Sapporo Convention Center as an integrated facility.



We will propose plans that make the most of the facilities at the Sapporo Convention Center and help make your meeting in Sapporo, Hokkaido, a memorable one.

Successfully organizing a convention that you have attracted requires extensive know-how. It requires expertise in a wide range of areas, from strict schedule management, creating systems capable of dealing with all manner of contingencies, and effective public relations and press relations to draw visitors to the convention, to venue design and construction, security, attractions, and catering.
Backed by experience and knowledge that we have accumulated as convention management professionals, we can propose plans that make the most of the facilities at the Sapporo Convention Center and help make your meeting in Sapporo, Hokkaido, a memorable one.



Support by management professionals with a thorough knowledge of the venue.
Everything can be contracted, from planning management on the day of the event to arranging staff and construction work.

Managing a convention requires a large staff, including for reception, cloakrooms, venue directions, and security. There is an enormous number of items that need to be arranged ahead of time, such as venue setup, equipment, signs, and posters.
By organizing a management secretariat staffed by experienced personnel, we provide you with comprehensive support for the entire process, from preparations before the event, to management on the day of the event and follow-up afterwards.


Network communications

Leased line (NTT fiber optic line)
* Only available when using Main Hall/Conference Hall
1 line \20,000 (tax inclusive)
Existing line (NTT fiber optic line)
* Shared by whole center
- Free

* If you are holding a hybrid convention or some other event that uses the internet environment, we recommend that you have a new line installed.
In this case, please contact us to request NTT to install a fiber optic line through the SCC.

Food and beverages

Arrangements can be made for obento (boxed lunches), beverages, catering, etc. Obento from the onsite restaurant SORA

Other arrangements can also be made with approved suppliers. Please contact the SCC if you have a preferred menu or budget.

Other support

The following can also be arranged. Please contact us for a separate estimate.

  • Web conferencing support
  • Operators (sound, lighting, video, etc.)
  • Venue director, staff (reception, facilitator, etc.)
  • PC rental
  • Wi-fi equipment
  • Signage production
  • Electrical work
  • Security personnel
  • Cleaning
  • Flower arrangements