Sapporo Convention Center

Guide to the SCC, photo gallery

If coming from the Higashi Sapporo Station (subway)

Coming from the Higashi Sapporo Station, the first and largest entrance you see is the South Entrance. To the right, you will see the distinctive exterior of the Conference Hall.
Entering from the South Entrance, the Main Hall is on your left. At your far right is an escalator, followed by a passageway to the Conference Hall, Mid-sized Hall, and restaurant.
Head straight along the side of the Main Hall and you will come to Information, the West Entrance, and a corridor to the Conference Tower.

If coming by car, taxi, or chartered bus

The South Entrance as seen from adjacent to the Higashi Sapporo Station. At the back left is a car park and a drop-off area for chartered buses and taxis.
To the left of the South Entrance, you will see a multistory car park (Car Park 3). The entrance to this multistory car park is shared by Car Park 2 and Car Park 3. The ceiling height of the multistory car park is 3.8 m on level 1 and 2.3 m on level 2.
Car Park 1 is located further along the road from Car Park 2 and Car Park 3. If coming from the direction of Route 12, you will see Car Park 1 first.
The outer perimeter of Car Park 1 is a bus pool, where chartered buses and taxis can drop off passengers.
This is the West Entrance, immediately adjacent to Car Park 1. Visitors coming from the bus pool and car parks mainly use this entrance.
To the left of the West Entrance is Information and the Conference Tower. Head straight and you will come to the escalator, the Conference Hall, and the Mid-sized Hall. On your right is the Main Hall.

Guide to the SCC

Adjacent to the West Entrance is Information, an AED, parking payment machines for the car parks, and a money changer. The central corridor leads to level 1 of the Conference Tower and Meeting Rooms 101–108.
This is the escalator located near the West Entrance. The escalator is easy to spot because of its open, unobstructed surroundings.
Access to the Mid-sized Hall and restaurant is highlighted by this red beam. Meeting Rooms 101–108 can also be reached from here.
There is an elevator located next to the West Entrance in front of Information. There is a separate service elevator for goods.
The view on level 2 from the top of the escalator is toward the Conference Hall.
This is the view from level 2 toward the Main Hall and the South Entrance. Directly below here is the West Entrance and Information.
This is the level 2 corridor at the top of the escalator. Here you can see the Small Hall followed by Meeting Room 204.
If you proceed past Meeting Room 204, on your right is Meeting Rooms 201 and 202, with Meeting Rooms 206 and 207 further to the rear.
The AED on level 2 is located next to Meeting Room 206.
There is an elevator located between Meeting Room 108 and Restaurant SORA. Going up in the elevator takes you to adjacent Meeting Room 207.
Restaurant SORA has seating for about 100 diners. Vending machines can also be found at 6 locations in the center.
This is the view from Restaurant SORA, looking toward the doors to the Mid-sized Hall and toward the Conference Hall.
Wheelchairs and strollers are located at the West Entrance. Please ask at Information before using them. They are for public use and may be on loan or being serviced.
The Nursing Room is located between Information and the Conference Tower.
Coin lockers are located next to Information, alongside the escalator.
A photo of Sapporo Convention Center in the evening, taken from the Restaurant SORA side of the center.
In winter, the Entrance Courtyard is lit up with illuminations.
There are several rest areas within the SCC. Please relax here while you wait for your meeting or training session to begin.