Sapporo Convention Center

Usage fees

List of facility use fees

  • Facility use fees comprise "conference fees" and "exhibition/event fees."
    For relevant information on conferences and exhibitions/events, please check the Terms and Conditions of Use.

List of facility use fees: Conferences (tax inclusive, yen)

List of facility use fees: Exhibitions/events (tax inclusive, yen)

Information on facility use fees

Facility use fees are inclusive of tax.
Basic fees comprise 3 time periods each day (morning, afternoon, night) and full day (which is the sum of the 3 time periods).
Depending on when you want to use the facilities, you can apply for consecutive time periods.
If you wish to enter the SCC before the morning period (9:00–12:00), or if you want to make a reservation for early morning, please contact the SCC. Extensions beyond 22:00 at night are not possible.
Reserved times also include the time needed for setting up and packing down.
For information on reserved times, please check “Reserved times” in the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Usage fees for conferences

Set-up time is for the SCC to set up the venue. Organizers are not permitted to enter the facilities during this time.
If you use any of the following three facilities, you will also need to reserve the time period before you intend to start using the facility.

  • Main Hall (including partitioned use)
  • Conference Hall
  • Mid-sized Hall

For an example of a reservation, please check “Set-up time” in the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Usage fees for exhibitions/events

Organizers holding an exhibition or event in the Main Hall (whether the whole hall or partitions) will be separately charged for electricity and water for the hours used.
Regarding usage fees for exhibitions/events, organizers will be charged for desks, chairs, and other equipment. Furthermore, the Main Hall will be handed over as a flat space.

  • Electricity: \38 per 1 kWh
  • Water: \290 per 1m3

Matters other than facility use fees and equipment fees

Parking coupons

Parking for participants can be paid for by the organizer and settled as a sundry expense.
Below are the types of parking coupons that can be purchased.

  • \200 coupon: Covers up to 2 hours
  • \400 coupon: Covers up to 3 hours
  • Unlimited coupon: No upper limit. Organizer is invoiced for the time actually used, after the event.

Garbage bags

In principle, organizers are asked to take their rubbish away with them. Alternatively, you can purchase garbage bags specified by the SCC below, and the SCC will dispose of the garbage on your behalf.
See below for categories of garbage to be separated.

  • 45 L: \220
  • 90 L: \440
Category1Bottles, cans, PET bottles
2Combustible garbage (food waste, miscellaneous waste, contaminated paper, plastic, etc.)
Separately estimated4Industrial waste (metals, plastic products, vinyl products, etc.))